To Know Who We Are

Q1. So, tell me about

Ans: positions itself as a platform for publishers and authors around the globe to leverage and help clients with the market research needs. Our unique brand recognition in the market enables us to guide you with the right market study, best suiting your requirement.
We have strategic tie-ups with domain experts and we serve their market research work to you on a platter with the right guidance and economical pricing.

Q2. Ok, so how do I check if has what I need?

Ans: The simplest way would be to search the keywords from your topic of interest in our Search bar, it will do the rest and display all the relevant topics from all the available publishers globally. You may even narrow down your search by browsing through the categories or even search the report region wise using the filter.
You could always drop us a line on or call us on
+1 513 549 5911
+44 203 318 2846
+91 2065795354
We take immense pride in our ability of expeditious turnaround time. We will reach out to you at the earliest, 24 X 7.

Q3: Now how do you have such a huge repository of market research reports?

Ans: We have premium partnerships with almost all leading publishers around the globe which enables us to reflect their database on our platform.
As we traverse over multiple domains and industries, our expertise lies in the ability to source data from various publishers with the shortest turnaround time.

Q4: Who is responsible for the content of the reports?

Ans: The data, analysis and all inclusive content in a market report is proprietary to the publisher. has no access to the contents of the reports and hence we do not take authority and credit of any analysis, forecasting, sales data or any relevant information encompassed in a report.
All views, analysis and forecasting are strictly of the concerned publisher and will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies with the content of the report. does not have any control over any content of the report by our partners and is not liable to refund the payment in part or full once report is dispatched.

Q5: Why do you sell the reports by other publishers?

Ans: We are a one-stop-shop for all of your research needs. The chances are we have the topic you are looking at through one or multiple publishers with varying level of detailing and pricing. We share all of the available options for you to choose from, along with our cost effective pricing.

Q6: How is the price for a report decided?

Ans: The publisher of a report decides the pricing for the same as per their parameters. Now the good news is, we have the flexibility to give promotional discounts and other offers depending on the report title and domain.
Our Sales specialists will be able to guide you best in terms of the best pricing you can get for a particular report.

Q7: How do I purchase a report?

Ans: You may proceed to purchase the report using the Buy-Now tab on the report page by choosing the preferred license type. You will be directed to a page where you fill in all the details regarding you and your needs so that we can cater you immediately. You may then choose the available Payment Options and make the payment.
Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our sales personnel and they will guide you with the payment process and guide you throughout the process. Pleas reach out to

Q8: What are the different licenses on offer?

Ans: We offer two types of licenses for all reports.
Single-User License: It allows one specific user to access the report. The report will be emailed to the concerned person and can be opened on their email ID only.
Enterprise-User license: It allows the report to be shared with multiple personnel within the same or different organization, without any public distribution.

Q9: What payment methods are available?

Ans: 1. We accept all major credit/debit card payments worldwide.
2. Payments can be made through PayPal, you use a guest login to make payment with a credit/debit card.
3. A bank wire transfer can be made, bank details will be shared by the sales team. will send the invoice to customers buying reports by an email and payments has to be made in full before the dispatch of report is initiated from our side.

Q10: What happens once you make the purchase?

Ans: Our sales team will immediately get in touch with you to give you an acknowledgement of the successful payment and they will also guide you with the next steps. The report delivery timeframes will be shared with you along with the payment receipts.