Robots in Hospitality Market - Global Market Synopsis, Growth Factors, Industry Segmentation, Regional Analysis and Competitive Analysis 2017 - 2025

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Robots in Hospitality Market By Industry (Healthcare Industry, Hotel Industry, Military And Public Safety Industries, Manufacturing Industry, Automotive Industry, And Others)

Market Scenario

A robot is a machine designed by a computer programming language, and is capable of executing one or more task automatically. Robots can be handled by external control device, or the device may be embedded in the robot itself. They are designed to take a human form, and make the work easy. 

With the modernization of society and growth in robotic innovations, robots are finding their place in the hospitality industry. The potential to make people feel welcomed, valued, respected, and protected is hospitality. Robots are becoming common helpers in hospitality including in hotels and restaurants around the world. Robotics into the hospitality industry was firstly introduced in japan. Henn-na Hotel ( meaning ‘strange’ in Japanese) is the first Japanese hotel in the world with the staff team made up of robots. Robots in hotel performs several tasks like room cleaning, placing an orders, room servicing and others.

Robots are also booming in the healthcare industries. The robots will have the potential to carry mobility impaired sufferers or help them stand up or guide them while they are walking. In Singapore, there are robots called RoboCoaches. These robots can be served as a fitness coaches for seniors. 

Robots will create a large number of jobs in hospitality and different sectors :-

It is claimed that robots will reduce the millions of job opportunities, but it is seem to be having the apposite effect. The hotels which are using robots will have to hire the large number of staff because of growth in occupancy rates. As there is an exponential increase in the robotic market, there will be huge demand for robot designers, engineers, programmers and business experts. Robots will help to boost various business in hotels, restaurants, retail stores which will lead to increase revenues and additional hiring.

Hospitality will be a leading industry in human-robot interaction :-

In hospitality industry robots will be built that have size, shape, sound, and personality. They must be approachable, non-threatening, and helpful and communicate clearly about what they’re doing and where they’re going. The robotics designer will also merge psychological principles like sympathy and emotions to ensure success. Recently it has predicted that the hotel robots will carry your bags, check you in, and serve you a drink

Anxiety about robots will get replaced with feelings of comfort and satisfaction :-

People particularly from united states, have a fear about robots due to the way they are shown in science-fiction movies. But that fear will vanish as robots prove themselves in helping to improve our lives. Just like ATMs, computers, and smart phones have became a part of our life, soon robots will be accepted as a tools to increase productivity and make life easier. The anxiety related to the robots will get reduce when people will understand their immense value.

Robots are just the machines which behaves like a human, but it has some limitations. As it is designed by the programming language, so limitations in the programming describes the fact that robots operate based on what they are programmed and nothing more. Robots do no longer have emotions, cannot understand human interactions, and their performance is restricted to what they are programmed.

Market Segmentation

Robots are used in different types of industries like, healthcare industry, hotel industry, military and public safety industries, manufacturing industry, Automotive industry, and others.

Regional Analysis

In terms of geography market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA.  Of these North America,is expected to be the largest market for Robots. Presence of major players from this industry is the key reason for growth of this market in North America. 

Key Players

The key players of robots in hospitality industry market are AliceApp, Savioke, Yikes, Novility, AboveProperty and others. It is predicted that as the market grows the new vendors will soon acquire the place in this market. 

Segmentation By Industry

• Healthcare Industry 

• Hotel Industry 

• Military 

• Public Safety Industries 

• Manufacturing Industry

• Automotive Industry 

• Others

Research Scope


The study for Robots in Hospitality Market will provide market size, estimates and forecast based on the following years: 


Historic data: 2015  Base Year Estimate: 2016  Forecast: 2017 to 2025

The report has been categorized in two distinctive sections, where the first category titled as Market Overview provides a holistic view of the market, key trends, drivers, challenges/restraints or opportunities with their current and expected impact on the overall industry sales. 

Our analyst implement several qualitative tools such as Ansoff’s Matrix, PESTEL analysis, Porter’s five force analysis among other to interpret and represent key industry findings. 

The second section of the study provides market size, estimates and forecast for key market segments and regional market. The final part of the report highlights key manufacturers/vendors operating in the associated market. 

1. Introduction

1.1. Market Definition

1.2. Market Scope

2. Research Methodology

2.1. Primary Research

2.2. Secondary Sources

2.3. Assumptions & Exclusions

3. Market Overview

3.1. Research Report Segmentation & Scope

3.2. Key Market Trend Analysis

3.2.1. Market Drivers

3.2.2. Market Restraint/Challenges

3.2.3. Market Opportunities

3.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.4. Potential Venture Avenues

3.5. Market Share Analysis, 2016 

4. Industry Overview

4.1. Introduction

4.2. Market Size & Forecast, 2015 to 2025

4.2.1. Consoles Healthcare Industry 

4.2.2. Hotel Industry 

4.2.3. Military 

4.2.4. Public Safety Industries

4.2.5. Manufacturing Industry 

4.2.6. Automotive Industry 

4.2.7. Others

(Note: The segments mentioned above are tentative in nature and are subject to change as the research progresses)

5. Regional Overview

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Market Size & Forecast, 2015 to 2025

5.2.1. North America U.S. Canada Mexico 

5.2.2. Europe UK Germany France Italy Spain Rest of Europe

5.2.3. Asia-Pacific China India Japan South Korea Rest of Asia-Pacific

5.2.4. LAMEA Brazil UAE South Africa Rest of LAMEA

(Note: The segments mentioned above are tentative in nature and are subject to change as the research progresses)

6. Manufacturer/ Vendor Profile

6.1. The following attributes will be considered while profiling key manufacturers in this industry: 

6.1.1. Company Overview

6.1.2. Financial Synopsis

6.1.3. Recent Developments

6.1.4. R&D Investments (if any)

6.1.5. Strategy Overview (Analyst Perspective)

6.1.6. Product Portfolio

6.2. Companies Profiled

6.2.1. AliceApp,

6.2.2.  Savioke, 

6.2.3. Yikes, 

6.2.4. Novility, 

6.2.5. AboveProperty

 (Note: The companies mentioned above are tentative in nature, and profiles of other market players not listed here can be included on request.)



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  • Report Structure and Outline
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product product product product product product


Every Sample
Will Help to Understand

  • Report Structure and Outline
  • Detailed Table of Content (Including List of Tables and Figures)
  • Research Methodology


product product product product product product


Every Sample
Will Help to Understand

  • Report Structure and Outline
  • Detailed Table of Content (Including List of Tables and Figures)
  • Research Methodology