Google Employees Are Resigning Because They Don't Want It to Build Military AI Software

2020-10-29 07:03:55

It appears that terrible news just continues pouring in for Google. Prior it was reported that Google was being scrutinized in Australia over the claims that it was mining data from millions of Android users who were accidentally paying the telecos for gigabytes of information used during data mining. And now the word is that Google employees are resigning on account of the company’s contribution in the Project Maven.

For those of you who are not aware of the Project Maven, it is an initiative by the US Department of Defence which plans to integrate the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the US military. The project intends to distinguish between humans and objects by accelerating the analysis of military footage caught by the AI drones. Nearly a dozen of the Google staff members had resigned to protest against the project.

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Be that as it may, Google's contribution in the task has prompted massive protests inside the organization and now about 4,000 Google workers, out of the 85,000 Alphabet employees have signed an internal petition asking Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai to end the tech goliath's support for Project Maven and end the “business of war ".

In the letter, Google representatives while referring to the organization's history of avoiding involvement in military work and its aphorism of "Don't Be Evil" urge the organization supervisors to cancel Project Maven and draft and advertise a reasonable approach stating that neither the organization nor its temporary workers would build war technology. "We can't outsource the ethical duty of our innovations to third parties...This contract puts Google's reputation in danger and stands contrary to our core values. Building this technology to assist the US Government in the military survey isn’t acceptable as it would result in lethal consequences," the letter states.

In the interim, researchers and academicians have penned an open letter addressed to Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc. Larry Page, CEO of Google Cloud Diane Green, and the company’s other top-notch officials in support of the Google employees and tech executives.

This isn't the first occasion that Google employees have stood up against the organization's policies. In 2015, employees and bloggers effectively pushed the organization to switch its ban on sexually explicit content posted on the Blogger. In any case, this is the first occasion that the organization is witnessing huge renunciations by the employees who are worried about the organization's moral practices.

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