Honda introduced a new toy-car with its Acura NSX engine

2019-01-03 17:26:49

Sometimes it really becomes hard for parents to calm their crying baby, and they try hard to find ways that are way effective than others. To resolve the problem, Honda has recently developed a device that will help calm babies in an unconscious situation or moment. Honda’s R&D team recently created a device named the Sound Sitter, a cuddly toy car with a speaker inside that emits the sound of one its car engines.

Researchers at the world’s largest automotive brand found that the sound waves a baby hears inside the womb aren’t so different from those created by the roaring noises of a car engine. Thus they formed a device based on that research. Additionally, to give the Sound Sitter the best possible chance of encouraging a screaming baby to calm down and nod off, the Japanese company tested the sound with 37 engines manufactured for various Honda models over the last 5 decades.

The engine sounds has been tested with nearly 12 infants aged between six months and 1.5 years. The most effective one visibly calmed 11 of the babies in a short space of time, with 7 of them showing reduced heart rates. To detail the device, it powers the engine named Acura NSX, Honda’s $156,000 supercar. Though being a supercar the roar of the engine’s motor would startle a baby awake rather than lull it to sleep, but Honda’s research concluded otherwise. 
Having determined the ideal engine noise for the Sound Sitter and identified the proper consumer, Honda set about designing the cute exterior of the soft toy (it looks like a car and, of course, features a Honda badge). The device has a small speaker inside for the all-important audio track.

Honda stated that the device wouldn’t be available in the market very soon. While the launching details and other information hasn’t been revealed by the automotive company, it is expected that the toy will launch in the market real soon. 

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