Most Innovate Ways to Deal with Recycled Plastic and Plastic Waste!

2019-01-04 20:19:16

The tremendous use of plastics is rising across the world with which there is a massive rise in plastic waste. The plastic waste level has increased in the developed countries due to the increase in the use of plastic. Many leading players are focusing on innovations for plastic waste conversion, in order to reduce the plastic waste in the coming years.

The urgency to recycle the issue of plastic waste has led to brands, governments, NGOs, and celebrities promoting a host of the solution. Reusable packing is a part of the answer, and shopping bags, water bottles and coffee cups have become popular purchases. Reusable packaging will replace certain kinds of packaging, but other pieces of plastic will come in contact every day such as plastics can keep food fresher for longer, as well as wrappers that ensure medical equipment, is safe for patients. Additionally, in many cases, it would not be hygienic, convenient or feasible to go fully reusable.  Efforts are been made to reduce and recycle plastic waste and the innovation in that area will keep on growing. Following are the five most innovative ways to deal with the plastic problems:

Road construction from plastic waste: Many places including India are engaged in using its plastic waste for construction of roads. Some of the features like faster to construct, require little maintenance, mare durability and can last longer than standard asphalt roads.

Tennis shoes from ocean plastic: An initiative has been made to reduce the ocean plastic waste, as there are tons of ocean waste. Adidas has announced the shoe line made of recycled ocean plastic.

3D printed plastic braces: The plastic industry 3D technology is growing with leaps and bounds. It’s monumental in reducing costs and production time, proving useful for manufacturers and consumers. Companies like Invisalign have been providing plastic solutions for braces.

Recycled plastic for beauty packaging: Packaging made from recycled plastic waste in beauty companies. This packing is made from 100% post-consumer polymers. Additionally, these optional packaging can be safely used for creams and lotions.

Oil from plastic waste: This innovation comes first when it comes to combating the plastic waste problem and will help in changing the history of plastic. Recycling Technologies have created a machine that can turn recycled plastic into three types of oil.

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