Global Mushroom Market Segmentation and Analysis by Recent Trends, Development and Growth by Regions to 2022

2018-01-18 10:46:10

The Mushroom Market:

The rich, mellow and the savory taste which adds an instant flavor and spice to your otherwise boring meal and evokes feelings of happiness, yes they are the mushrooms. It can be used for as an essential item in your preparation or can be used for special occasions to add a little drama to your dish.

They are the most loved food item and can be used in a number of dishes such as a starter, the main course or in your vegetable.

                                                                Mushroom Market

We take a look at the type of Mushrooms:

Button Mushrooms:

Also called as Table mushroom, white mushroom it is available widely although its main market is Europe and North America.

It is one of the most widely grown mushrooms in the world.

Shiitake Mushrooms:

Originating from the Japanese word,’shii’, it refers to the tree on which it is grown while take means mushroom.

They have a rich texture and are very edible alongside being readily available in the market.

It is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Oyster Mushrooms:

Oyster mushroom is that edible funguses which can be highly beneficial for your body. They are easy to cultivate and are grown all over the world. They give out a unique scent which is very sweet in its taste.

What are the different Medicinal Benefits of Mushrooms?



Rich in folic-acid and so prevents anemia

Various anti-malarial and anti-fungal properties are associated with mushrooms:

High fiber content aids in good digestion

Which are the major Markets?

The world production of mushroom is growing day by day and exceeds around one million tones a market value as compared to $ 10 billion and button mushrooms constitutes the most share among these.

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The major exporting countries are:





The major importing countries are:





Although China is the major producer of mushrooms, the maximum share is consumed by the States, followed by Germany.

Mushroom Value:

It is a highly perishable product and the producer must preserve in high and quality conditions. Preservation is essential and it should be throughout the year as it can retain its nutrients and flavor and to subsequently increase the per ca pita consumption in developing countries.

The products will cater to the micro-nutrient component and also enable the people to live a healthy life.

The food processing of mushrooms is very well developed in countries such as China and the Philippine. It is around 45 percent and 23 percent respectively.

Some other benefits of Mushroom:

They are rich source of proteins and are easily digestible.

They are low in caloric value and are much sought after for diabetic patients.

They are also a rich source of Vitamin B-12.

Production of a highly perishable commodity such as a mushroom requires a lot of in-house infrastructural facilities. Also a great balance between various parameters such as the cultivators, productions, pre-cooling units, and export processing centers and finally the consumers.

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